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February 14, 2022

What Inspired the Recipe

This delightful little number would likely be considered the fashionable cousin of the Cake Mix cookie I grew up eating. When I was dreaming of something chocolatey - but not just chocolate - for Valentine’s Day, I knew a chocolate, chocolate chip cookie was a great place to start. But it needed more. Enter JP’s from downtown Holland, MI. A local coffee shop (that has since remodeled and sadly, is nothing like its former glory) but, what my brothers and I will always remember it for; delicious hot chocolate with a mountain of whipped cream AND (drum roll, please) their GIANT chocolate, chocolate chip cookies half dunked in a minty white chocolate; cue the angelic chorus! It’s that extra layer of chocolate, coating the cookie that makes for a perfect bite. So, I thought why not bring some JP's inspiration to a little chocolate number for Valentine's Day! It's the perfect marriage of all thing's chocolate!

Valentine's Day Cookies

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Katie Rogers, RD, LDN creator behind The Inspired Dish
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I'm the creator, recipe developer, and photographer behind The Inspired Dish. As a Registered Dietitian and self-proclaimed foodie, I love (love, love) exploring the world of food and in turn, creating flavorful + swoon worthy recipes inspired from everyday life. When I'm not obsessing over food you can find me running, spending time with my husband, or trying a new restaurant in Raleigh!

All the details

Has anyone ever met a cookie they didn't love? I think not. It's actually quite possible that cookies are the universal language of love so it’s more than fitting that these lovely ladies are making an appearance for the universal day of love, Valentine’s Day.

Like I said above, cue the angelic chorus!

And the best part, these cookies are so. darn. easy. I’m not lying. So easy in fact, I skipped out on the step-by-step photos series on how to make them because it just seemed more complicated than the recipe itself. I will, however, give you a little commentary on the process if you so choose to read, otherwise just tap that little button at the top [or here: Jump to Recipe] and you’ll be escorted ever so lovingly down to the recipe. You’re welcome!

I know we’ve only just begun but let’s step aside for a second **as I whisper to you from behind my hand** this recipe uses a boxed cake mix. It’s soooo cheating. I know. But also, it’s so good. And look, you don’t need to tell your friends or family this. They don’t need to know. For all they know, you slaved over these puppies all. day. long. *wink*wink*. That's all I’m saying. Just make sure you're rid of the evidence if you take that route. Alright, back to the recipe...

So, I’ve grown up with the OG Betty Crocker Devil's Food cake mix but any chocolate variation will do. In a medium-sized mixing bowl combine cake mix, eggs, and oil together. Mix with an electric mixer until well combined. Add chocolate chips (or chunks) and mix again until all chocolate chips are snuggled up in the cookie dough.

Now using a cookie scoop, portion dough onto a non-stick baking sheet. Bake at 350°F for 8-10 minutes, checking for doneness. The tricky part with these cookies is telling when they are done because you can’t tell when the edges start to brown. Instead, look at the top of the cookie for it to start 'cracking', this will be your cue that they are done and ready to come out. They might still look a little under but that's okay, they will cool to soft, cakey, delicious perfection.

As hard as it may be, you'll need to wait for the cookies to cool before dunking them in chocolate.

To melt the chocolate, use a double boiler (or microwave) being careful not to burn the chocolate. Once melted, add a few drops of red food coloring to get a nice pink hue and stir with a rubber spatula. Dunk your cookie in the chocolate to coat BUT only halfway. Place back on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper and quickly hit with a shake of sprinkles while the chocolate is still warm (otherwise the sprinkles won’t stick!).

When all cookies have been properly coated, place the baking sheet in the fridge to cool and help the chocolate set.

And that my friends is it!

You have yourself some perfectly cakey and soft chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dunked in white chocolate, the perfect marriage of all thing's chocolate!

Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!!

Food Photography from The Inspired Dish

Valentine's Day Cookies

Prep Time:

15 minutes

Cook Time:

8-10 minutes

Total Time:

40 minutes


12 servings

A delightfully soft + cakey chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dunked in white chocolate. The perfect way to marry all the chocolates together and share with your special someone!



- 1 Box - Devil's Food Cake Mix

- 2 Eggs

- 1/2 cup Canola Oil

- 1 cup chocolate chips, semi-sweet


- 2 cups melting White Chocolate

- Red Food Coloring

- Sprinkles

**Wax or Parchment Paper



1. Preheat oven to 350°F

2. Mix all cookie ingredients, except chocolate chips, in a medium sized mixing bowl with an electric mixer.

3. Add chocolate chips

4. Mix well until chocolate chips fully combined

5. Portion dough onto a non-stick baking sheet

6. Bake in oven for 8-10 minutes, checking for doneness.

7. Let cookies cool on a wire rack.


1. Once cookies are cooled, melt white chocolate over double boiler (or in microwave)

2. Stir frequently to avoid burning chocolate

3. Add a few drops of red food coloring to white chocolate to turn pink

4. Stir to combine

5. Dunk cooled cookies halfway in melted chocolate

6. Place on parchment paper and dash with sprinkles while chocolate is still warm

7. Move dunked cookies into fridge to help chocolate set; about 15-30 minutes.

8. Once chocolate has set, enjoy!

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I'm Katie Rogers, the creator, recipe developer, and photographer behind The Inspired Dish. I love spending time in the kitchen creating fun, flavorful, and easy recipes worth every bite.